SureStart™ Marks

To help our paediatric customers talk about their ingredients with pride, we have designed a range of NZMP SureStart™ marks.

Make your mark with SureStart™ 

Everyone knows that high quality ingredients are the foundation of exceptional products.

Our marks indicate that a product contains trusted SureStart™ ingredients, giving a consumer confidence in the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.

The SureStart™ mark conveys the promise of product performance, underpinned by it's reputation for safety and paediatric expertise.

This gives customers an opportunity to differentiate their products through premium positioning and builds credibility by highlighting specific SureStart™ ingredients such as:

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Examples of our NZMP SureStart™ Marks

Please note, Fonterra does not take responsibility for the regulatory compliance of these marks on your product. 
You must assure yourself of your ability to use these marks in your desired countries of sale.

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How can I use these marks?

The marks are available for use on packaging (both front and back of pack options) and in marketing collateral to support your messaging.


To protect the authenticity of our marks, all manufacturers must have a licensing agreement in place to use these.  Please get in touch with us to understand these specific guidelines.


We understand that each country has its own specific regulatory and formulation requirements. To support this, we have multiple versions of our marks to suit your requirements.


The examples on the left, show a visual representation of the primary customer mark, when printed on a can.

Interested in SureStart™ Marks?

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