Consumer milk powders

Tailored for end consumer use, ready for blending or direct repack

NZMP consumer milk powder ingredients are suitable for repacking into everyday consumer formats such as cans or sachets or base powder for dry blending into fortified consumer powders. 

Our milk powders offer real advantages over other sources, starting with their quality. Over 90% of our ingredients are made using milk from cows grazing on New Zealand pastures, and it’s with this premium source that our range of milk powders are made possible. 

Expertise you can count on 

Our expertise in consumer milk powder dates back to the 1970s, when we pioneered the instant whole milk powder export market in multi-wall bags. Since then we’ve developed into a global leader, producing half a million tonnes of NZMP instant whole milk powder per year for customers globally – offering consumer milk powder solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Today, our portfolio of repack powders extends from core ingredients available on through the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction to specialised added-value ingredients that can underpin your on-pack claims. In increasingly competitive markets, with ever-more demanding consumers, our ingredients can make a real difference to your success.

Tailored with the end consumer in mind

Building on our strong heritage in consumer milk powder, we have recently reinvested in our portfolio to undertake research exploring what consumers’ value in their milk powder. We now offer new value-added ingredient solutions that give you greater choice and flexibility. This allows you to expand your consumer product range and command a premium, to increase your market share and brand preference. 

A superior source

Our milk powders can give your products the edge you need to succeed, because they offer advantages over other sources. The start, of course, is the quality of the milk we use. There are other quantifiable advantages too: milk from grass fed cows has been shown to have higher levels of omega-3 and CLA fats, more vitamin E and more beta-carotene than other milk.

Only recently, we’ve added four added-value products to our Whole Milk Powder range to help you stand out from the crowd: NZMP Gold Instant WMP, NZMP High Calcium Instant WMP, NZMP Fortified+ Instant WMP and NZMP Regular WMP for Tea. In the wings, we have no fewer than ten new consumer milk powder products under development.


Broadest range of repack powders

Including fortified milk powder options with higher calcium, additional iron and zinc and our consistent superior performance powder – Gold Instant WMP

Innovation is our specialty

We have the expertise and the research to make the perfect partners for your consumer milk powder business

The goodness of NZ

Shines through in the taste. Cows grazing on lush pasture makes the difference