Cheese for meals

Taste, texture and performance in any format

Whether you manufacture pizza, lasagne or any other kind of delicious meal that requires cheese, there are so many essential requirements to meet – performance and texture, stretch, melt and shred characteristics, and of course, taste.

With a diverse, innovative and award-winning cheese range at hand, we’ve got all your needs covered.

We’ve got the range; we’ve got the knowledge

We understand the diverse requirements of our customers’ applications. Our Cheese for Meals portfolio provides an extensive selection of cheese varieties with a wide range of flavours and functionality to enhance your product. Our range emulates popular styles from around the world, including unique NZ cheeses developed by our own cheese experts – and our finger is always on the pulse, predicting and responding to consumer trends.

All you need to do is talk to us about your specific flavour and functional targets, and we’ll provide you with the perfect cheese ingredient or even work with you to customise something new.

Consumers love New Zealand cheese

We know our cheese is great – not just because of the awards it’s won, or because we use it ourselves for our own brands. 

Research shows that dairy products from grass-fed cows have higher levels of key components, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamin K2 – and that’s just one of the reasons our cheese made from fresh milk from grass-fed cows stands above the rest.

The broadest, most versatile range

Quite simply, we have a cheese for every application, taste or texture

The preferred cheese

We cater to the flavour profiles sought after by consumers around the globe

Unmatched quality

Cheese made in New Zealand with fresh milk from grass-fed cows