Sports nutrition

Ingredients to help you innovate in the fast-moving market

The sports nutrition market is growing fast as more and more people look for nutrition products to support their focus on a healthy, active lifestyle.

We’re here to help you succeed in this rapidly moving market with our broad and versatile range of quality ingredients, our history of expertise and an absolute dedication to help you continue innovating.

Fast-growing, fast-changing 

Once the preserve of dedicated bodybuilders, sports nutrition is now increasingly mainstream and growing strongly. Anyone who exercises and cares about keeping a healthy diet is looking for ways their nutrition can support a healthy, active lifestyle. And that’s what our extensive range of sports nutrition ingredients delivers – from whey and milk proteins to caseinates and hydrolysed protein solutions.

The power of milk 

Dairy protein can be a good choice to aid sports recovery thanks to its mix of protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes – all of which can help with muscle recovery and rehydration.

With all nine essential amino acids and high levels of the three branched chain amino acids, dairy protein is considered a ‘complete’ protein, and a growing pool of research indicates that dairy protein offers advantages over other protein sources.1

Take advantage of our history of innovation

We’ve been at the forefront of dairy protein research for generations. In sports nutrition, we were the first to supply dairy proteins in to bars and beverages in order to achieve high protein content, without the usual compromises in taste and texture. And we pioneered the use of whey proteins in to clear sports beverage applications.  

We continue to innovate and add to our range – the broadest on the market. Our SureProtein™ range of versatile solutions allows you to deliver the right nutrition, taste and volume needs for your consumers, giving them the vital nutrition they require to support an active lifestyle.


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1. Phillips SM, Tang JE, Moore DR (2009). 

The role of milk- and soy-based protein in support of muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein accretion in young and elderly persons.  Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 28, 343-354.

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