Yoghurts and cultured products

An innovative and diverse range of ingredients for all your full yoghurt range

As a supplier to the cultured food sector – one of the fastest growing dairy segments in the world – we know you need the best ingredients to create the most successful products.

That’s why you’ll find us the perfect partner, with a large, innovative range of ingredient offerings for yoghurt products, as well as dairy expertise that’s hard to beat.

High Protein Ambient Yoghurt

Our latest innovation in cultured products in collaboration with Tetra Pak®

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Why our yoghurt ingredients are at the leading edge

Knowing and anticipating consumer desires in a fast-growing sector like this is essential. So our product range and innovation efforts are focused around some of the key consumer trends worldwide:

‘Better for you’. Less fat, less sugar in regular products 

Our ‘better-for-you’ ingredient range delivers yoghurts with familiar taste and texture, but with less fat and/or sugar.

Fewer ingredients, clean label

Consumers increasingly check the label of their yoghurt, looking for products without artificial ingredients. Our advanced range of dairy ingredients has been created with functional properties that reduce the need for additions.

Sensory indulgence

Use our range of functional proteins for a rich, superior taste and texture to improve your existing yoghurt portfolio, or create new products, to meet your consumers’ needs for ‘treat’ or indulgence products. 

High protein, low fat with no compromise on flavour or texture

Yoghurts that are high in protein and low in fat are the fastest growing product segment in this category. But they still have to be delicious, and that’s possible with our range of ingredients. They’ll enable you to deliver creamy texture to low-fat yoghurts, or create Greek-style stirred, spoonable or drinking yoghurts with over 10% protein and low stringency or sourness – and so much more.

Reducing costs

We’ve developed a range of ingredients that will let you improve productivity and ease price pressure on yoghurts that might have little differentiation.

From stirred, set and drinking yoghurts to fermented milk drinks, Greek, quark and petit Suisse, our ingredients have your needs covered.

Powder range

Wholemilk Powder made from milk of predominantly pasture-fed cows >>

With extended shelf-life of up to 24 months

Skim Milk Powder with a clean, mild dairy flavour >>

Plus GOLD SMP for fermented drinks

Buttermilk Powder offering excellent solubility >>

Rich, creamy flavour with uniform fat content

SureProtein™ range

Milk Protein Concentrates ranging from 42 to 90% >>

High in protein, rich in calcium

Whey Protein Concentrates with a high protein profile >>

Ideal for sports nutrition

Whey Protein Isolates with low fat, lactose, and minerals >>

Highly functional, highly nutritious

Casein for food and non-food applications >>

Acid or rennet process options

Caseinates suitable for a wide variety of uses >>

From nutritional beverages to soups and sauces


Diverse range that empowers your products

Including a large selection of powders and our innovative SureProtein™ range

Low fat, high protein options

We have all the ingredients you need to create delicious yoghurt with higher levels of nutrition to meet consumer trends

Innovation is our specialty

We have the resources, the research and the attitude to make the perfect partners for your beverages