SureProtein™ OptiBar 894

SureProtein™ OptiBar 894 is a functional whey protein isolate enabling high protein low sugar bar formulations, and bar premiumisation. 

Suitable for:

  • Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition

Religious Status:

  • Kosher

Dietary Status:

  • Low Lactose

Disclaimer: While we try to represent product images accurately, the representation on your screen may be different from the actual product for various reasons. Religious/dietary status is indicative only and may vary between material numbers.

High-Quality Whey Protein Isolate  

All the pure, natural and nutritional benefits of whey protein isolate.

Low in Lactose

Allows bar manufacturers to capitalize on demand for low sugar bars. 

Excellent Clean Flavour

Consumers can get the quality protein they need while enjoying great tasting bars.

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • High protein, low sugar
  • Soluble over a wide pH range 
  • Good nutritional value 

This ingredient is primarily used in nutritional bars applications to deliver high level of whey proteins and low level of sugar.

Business man wearing backpack and eating bar on the go

Perfect for bar applications within the sports & active lifestyle category

High-quality protein, high protein and low sugar contents are three major trends favoured by active consumers who are increasingly mindful of what they eat. 

  • One-in-three bar eaters mentioned "Source of protein" as a key driver of bar choice.1
  • 43% purchase bars based on sugar content. It is now the 2nd most important purchase driver after protein.1
  • 67% of consumers consider the pure, natural and complete benefits of whey protein isolates.2

However, delivering a high-quality low sugar bar with good taste and texture can often be complicated for bar manufacturers.

Designed for protein bar applications

Specially designed for protein bars, this texture building whey protein isolate is cohesive and helps fine-tune texture and composition.


High in protein and low in lactose, it is typically used in conjunction with SureProtein SoftBarTM1000 or SureProteinTMFlexBar, to enable the adjustment of bars to the desired nutritional and texture profile. 



  • [1] Mintel: Snack, Nutrition and Performance Bars, US, February 2020
  • [2] FMCG Gurus: Active Nutrition Survey, Q3 2019
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Whey Protein Isolates are hygroscopic and can absorb odours.  Therefore adequate protection is essential.  It is recommended that product i sstored at temperatures below 25°C, relative humidity below 65% and in an odour free environment.  Stocks should be used in rotation preferably within 24 months of manufacture.

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