About SureStart™

SureStart™ is NZMP’s paediatric nutrition brand.  Our purpose is to be the world’s most trusted source of paediatric ingredients and solutions.

Our SureStart™ promise

To deliver high performing ingredients developed through our expertise in milk components for paediatric applications.

Our unique advantage lies in the combination of 4 core strengths:

  • Product performance
  • Our approach to better business
  • Extensive paediatric expertise
  • Stringent food safety.
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Product performance

SureStart™ ingredients deliver uncompromising quality and consistent performance.

Every SureStart™ ingredient is made from high-quality milk, which is carefully monitored throughout the value chain. This means that our uncompromising product quality starts from the source. Knowing this, we strive to deliver to stringent regulatory standards, to ensure consistent performance over shelf life.


The combination of our specialised production and testing processes, ensures our ingredients have the functionality to deliver optimal user experience. We know that this functionality keeps our customers coming back, because it helps them to confidently deliver uncompromising quality and performance to their consumers.

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Our approach to better business

As a New Zealand company,  our global team prides ourselves on the way we work. We don’t just do business. We build partnerships.

Buying SureStart™ ingredients means you are part of our family; we'll go above and beyond to service your needs and open the doors to NZMP’s vast global scale, network and expertise.

Our New Zealand mindset means we bring a fresh approach, work resourcefully, and persevere in the face of challenges.  We grow great relationships over time, by making the effort to intimately understand our customers. 

We work alongside customers to deliver unique solutions that support their aspirations for success. We are proud of this full range of paediatric ingredients.

Our customers trust our scale and global sourcing capability to provide them with supply security and the potential to support their future growth.

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Extensive paediatric expertise

We understand paediatric nutrition because of our knowledge of breast milk components and the nutrition and health needs in early life.

This is supported by our network of expertise, and underpinned by a long-standing culture of ingenuity; which empowers us to innovate beyond the product.


We have a heritage in paediatric innovation. Since we began we have been inspired by breast milk composition, which has driven us to invest in world-leading research. This has underpinned SureStart™ ingredient innovation and enabled us to be at the forefront of paediatric nutrition.


Today we have a strong network of global expertise, who understand innovation never stops and needs to include every step of the customer journey.

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Stringent Food Safety

Food Safety is at the heart of our paediatrics business. 

You will find it woven into every element of what we do – from our world class food safety and quality systems, processes and testing, through to the way our people work with the utmost care to produce ingredients and solutions for our most vulnerable consumers.


Food Safety is fundamental to manufacturing paediatric products. This is why SureStart™ ingredients, meet stringent safety requirements.  

We create our products with our paediatric consumers in mind. This means everyone involved with SureStart™ manufacture takes personal responsibility for creating a safe and suitable product.


We are committed to continuously improving food quality at every point along our supply chain.

The NZMP SureStart™ range of paediatric ingredients is one of the broadest available globally

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