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Game changing innovation and ingenuity 

Innovation is the life blood of our dynamic industry. Our strength in innovation allows us to better partner with our customers.  There are exciting examples of innovation and ingenuity throughout NZMP. From new products, to production processes and forward-thinking business methods.

Discover how innovation and ingenuity is key to our rich history and bright future.


The Cheesemakers

Follow some of our NZMP cheesemaking experts as they work together applying craftsmanship and passion to create high quality cheese at scale.

Discover the innovation and collaboration they bring to our cheese making process every day.

In Pursuit of Perfection

Our team of manufacturing and technical experts constantly manage the shifting variables that nature presents.

We rapidly respond to changes in everything from seasonal weather to geographical location to dairy lactation cycles. Our manufacturing expertise produces NZMP milk powders that set the global standards.

Our innovative Fast Acting Milk Protein Concentrate

Our new Fast Acting MPC 4868 provides premium, fast absorbing protein nutrition as well as great taste and functionality.

Discover fast acting milk protein

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