NZMP SureProtein™ ShortBar 825

A unique whey protein isolate providing a short texture into bar applications. 


High-quality isolated whey protein

All the pure, natural and nutritional benefits of isolated whey protein.

Unique shortening properties

                                                                 Provides a shorter, more pleasant bite to chewy high whey protein dough bars.

Superior texture throughout bar shelf life

Offers unique bar softening properties compared to standard whey ingredients.

NZMP SureProteinTM ShortBar 825 enables all-whey solutions while delivering superior taste & texture in bar applications


Asian woman smiling while holding a protein bar in green sportswear

Perfect for bar applications within the sports & active lifestyle category

High-quality protein, high protein and low sugar contents are three major trends favoured by active consumers who are increasingly mindful of what they eat. 

  • One-in-three bar eaters mentioned "Source of protein" as a key driver of bar choice.1
  • 43% purchase bars based on sugar content. It is now the 2nd most important purchase driver after protein.1
  • 67% of consumers consider the pure, natural and complete benefits of whey protein isolates.2

However, delivering a high-quality low sugar bar with good taste and texture can often be complicated for bar manufacturers.

Enhanced functional characteristics

NZMP SureProtein™ ShortBar 825

SureProteinTM ShortBar 825 has been specially designed for protein bars.


This texture-breaking ingredient is typically used at low levels, in conjunction with other ingredients such as SureProteinTM FlexBar, SureProteinTM OptiBar 892, SureProteinTM OptiBar 895, to optimise bar texture, including enabling all-whey solutions by countering chewiness where Calcium Caseinate would have been used in the past.  


All the Whey Dough Bar

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  • [1] Mintel: Snack, Nutrition and Performance Bars, US, February 2020
  • [2] FMCG Gurus: Active Nutrition Survey, Q3 2019
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