Boost the benefits of nutrition

As we age, it's important to combat muslce deterioration with quality nutrition, and dairy is natures ultimate source of the nine amino acids we need for muscle mainteance. 

In his latest white paper, Fonterra’s Aaron Fanning outlines how dairy protein is proven to boost the benefits of physical activity and can support mobility as we age. 

Dairy protein can help support muscle maintenance by providing a high quality source of protein that can stimulate muscle metabolism, and promote the retention and growth of muscle, especially when consumed alongside an exercise program.” says Aaron.

Read more and download Aaron’s White Paper here.

Fonterra offers the largest range of dairy protein ingredients in the industry. Our NZMP range of SureProteinTM dairy solutions helps food and beverage manufacturers to increase the protein content in their products and ensure their consumers get the quality protein and benefits they need to support healthy lifestyles.

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