NZMP Gold Instant WMP

Get a market-leading edge with the gold standard in instant milk powder

This specially developed product is the king of instant whole milk powders. With exceptional wettability, dispersibility and solubility for fast, easy reconstitution, it will help you create products with a market-beating edge.


  • Enhanced functional properties
  • Enhanced physical properties
  • Maximum age at time of shipment promise
  • Fortified with Vitamin A and D
  • Rich, creamy flavour
  • Good flow properties
  • Contains lecithin

Consumers talked, we innovated

Recent research has told us what customers and consumers are looking for in an instant whole milk powder:

  • Freshness
  • Powder reconstitution 
  • Bulk density
  • Low level of scorched particles
  • New Zealand origin

So we set about creating it. We hand-picked manufacturing plants from around New Zealand that we know are up to the task of producing a gold class offering. The selection was based on an extensive review of our capability, where we took more than 150 samples and performed over 3,000 tests at our Fonterra Research and Development Centre in order to deliver this premium ingredient.

You now have access to an innovative special ingredient that delivers what consumers want, and can gives your products a market-beating edge.

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Creating the Gold standard in product performance

Careful plant selection and stringent operating procedures ensures a consistently performing product, with NZMP Gold Instant WMP averaging a 7.2 seconds wettability, with a maximum of 15 – reconstituting faster and easier for consumers. A tightened bulk density range optimises processing and yield, while a tailored scorched particle-testing regime gives a cleaner ingredient.

Fresh, fast and delivering consistent results hot or cold, our NZMP Gold Instant WMP is perfect for repacking into consumer formats or for dry blending into fortified powders.

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Our manufacture to shipment guarantee

NZMP Gold Instant WMP has a manufacture-to-shipment guarantee of <90 days from October to July, and <150 days during August and September, ensuring you receive the freshest ingredients for your consumers to enjoy. While also allowing greater supply chain flexibility.

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