Frozen Whole Milk Concentrate


Frozen Whole Milk Concentrate is a premium fresh milk alternative.  It is a concentrated form of New Zealand milk, quick frozen to preserve its natural goodness and flavour. 

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New Zealand grass-fed milk 

Frozen whole milk concentrate is made from New Zealand grass-fed milk.

Premium whole milk alternative 

Easily reconstituted, it can be used in many applications such as milk for barista coffee, yoghurt and milk beverages.

Fresh Flavour

 Frozen WMC offers the fresh, natural flavour of New Zealand grass-fed milk.  It is fast frozen to retain its creamy taste and valuable nutrients.

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • Longer shelf life than fresh milk - Frozen whole milk concentrate's two-year shelf life assists you to efficiently manage your supply chain and seasonal milk supply fluctuations.  
  • Full fat creamy milk taste
  • Frozen liquid source of fresh milk solids
  • Excellent solubility when reconstituted
  • Quick frozen to preserve the nutritional properties and the pure, clean and natural goodness of New Zealand's milk
  • Full Fat Content

This ingredient can be used in the following applications:

  • Fresh whole milk alternative
  • Fresh milk beverages
  • Cultured dairy products
  • An ideal milk source for any situation where a regular liquid milk supply is not available

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The fresh creamy flavour of New Zealand milk

Fonterra's expert sensory panel was used to evaluate the taste profile of NZMP frozen whole milk concentrate in UHT and pasteurised systems.  The sensory panel found that there was no significant difference in flavour attributes between frozen whole milk concentrate and fresh New Zealand milk.

Leverage the New Zealand advantage 

Milk from New Zealand pasture-raised cows is typically higher in beta-carotene and a beneficial acid called CLA than other milk sources.

As a trusted source of dairy, our New Zealand origin reassures consumers about the product’s quality, nutritional composition and authenticity, helping to support faster decision making at the retail shelf.  


You may be able to use NZMP dairy icons to highlight New Zealand origin bringing you a source of competitive advantage. 

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Whole Milk Concentrate must be stored and transported at frozen temperatures (≤ - 18ºC, depending on importing country regulations).

Stocks should be used in rotation, preferably within 729 days of the date of manufacture.

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