Processed cheese

Top-quality ingredients for every formulation

We understand exactly what it takes to make processed cheese, and our knowledge and extensive ingredient portfolio enable us to offer the best ingredients for your product, market and manufacturing requirements.

Respected expertise in processed cheese

Through decades of research and development, we’ve built an extensive knowledge of the science and the art of processed cheese. In fact, we have one of the largest dairy research facilities in the world, with over 250 dedicated research scientists continually developing and refining our ingredients to optimise performance and flavour in your application.  We have all the dairy ingredients you need to create processed cheeses, starting with a diverse range of natural cheeses, advanced proteins and high-quality cream products. They ensure you can maximise flavour, functionality and efficiency in your products. 

All the ingredients you need to create quality products

Natural cheese

As the primary ingredient in processed cheese, natural cheese largely defines the flavour, structure and quality of your product. We have over 16 unique ingredient cheese varieties, multiple formats and a range of maturities – from young functional cheeses to mature cheeses full of flavour. Our extensive range gives you the freedom to perfect your product’s flavour and performance.


With our expertise, choosing the right protein to enhance the performance of your processed cheeses is easy. Our extensive range of standard and specialised proteins includes quality milk powders, milk protein concentrates (MPCs), caseins and caseinates, each designed to enhance and control the performance of almost any processed cheese. They can help you reduce costs and increase control of functional protein levels in your products. 

Cream products 

From creamy yellow butters and pure anhydrous milk fats (AMFs) to high-fat cream cheeses and milk fat blends, cream cheeses and frozen cream, our cost-effective cream products offer excellent composition control, and a luxurious natural dairy flavour. Optimise composition, efficiency and cost, while preserving premium flavour. 

Extensive ingredient portfolio

Our diverse range of natural cheeses, advanced proteins and high-quality cream products will help you perfect your product’s flavour and performance

World-leading expertise

Thanks to decades of research and development and one of the largest dairy research facilities in the world

Made from New Zealand milk

Milk from grass-fed cows is higher in omega-3 and CLA fats, vitamin E and beta-carotene than milk from grain-fed cows