SureProtein™ Lactic Casein 720

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An acid casein produced by controlled natural fermentation of pure, pasturised, skim milk. A versatile granular milk protein with good flavour and heat stability for use in nutrition bars and beverages.

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Halal Kosher

High Quality

Extremely low lactose content.

Made in New Zealand

Made from pasteurised NZ skim milk.

Low Fat & Cholesterol Levels

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • Good flavour 
  • Completely soluble in alkali 
  • Versatile and heat stable 
  • Good nutritive value 
  • Low fat and cholesterol levels
  • Materials available for wet blend ingredients for susceptible population
  • Not intended for use as a dry blend ingredients for infants <12 months of age

This ingredient can be used in the following applications:

  • Coffee whiteners 
  • Protein fortification 
  • In-line caseinate conversion
  • Nutrition bars

Casein is a naturally occurring protein found in human and cow’s milk

It can play a valuable role in aiding the efficient supply of nutrients and has a remarkably wide variety of uses, including non-food.  Our Acid Casein is a valuable additive in nutritional applications but also has a broad range of other food applications due to its emulsifying properties and heat stability when converted in process to caseinate.


Examples are creamers, cream liqueurs and processed or analogue cheeses. It is also used in a huge range of industrial processes, ranging from paper and paint manufacturing to the cosmetic industry.

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Caseins are hygroscopic and can absorb odours. Therefore adequate protection is essential. It is recommended that product is stored at temperatures below 25°C, relative humidity below 65% and in an odour free environment. Stocks should be used in rotation preferably within 24 months of manufacture.

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