Fat Filled Milk Powder

Affordable dairy nutrition

NZMP Fat Filled Instant Milk Powder is a highly affordable, vitamin A and vitamin D fortified offering, with the optimal balance of protein and vegetable fat blends when consumed as part of a balanced diet.


  • High quality ingredient at a competitive price 
  • Ideal for markets where affordability is paramount
  • Contains dairy protein, and fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D
  • Trusted Quality
  • A sustainable approach
  • Supply options from New Zealand, Australia or Europe

An ingredient in growing demand

Consumers in developing markets continue to fuel the demand for affordable dairy ingredients.  Unable to afford the premium price associated with Full Cream Milk Powder, they are turning to Fat Filled Milk Powders in large numbers, growing the market at around 5% per annum globally.  NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder is a highly affordable, vitamin-enriched dairy-based ingredient, making it a suitable alternative for growing families to access dairy nutrition.

Cost effective dairy goodness

Our NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder is a high quality ingredient offered at a competitive price, perfect for markets where the daily income is low and affordability is paramount.  The vegetable oil blend used in NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder results in a lower costs ingredient when compared to full cream milk powder, offering you more flexible margins all the while giving your consumers an affordable dairy nutrition option.

NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder is bursting with dairy goodness including dairy protein, and vitamins and minerals which can help strengthen bones and muscles, and support immunity.

Quality you can trust

NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder now has supply options from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We are proud to say our European and Australian origin NZMP Fat Filled Milk Powder meets the same exacting Fonterra Food Safety and Quality Standards as our NZMP New Zealand origin ingredients.

Our deep NZMP dairy expertise and our commitment to food safety and quality reinforce why we are the number one choice of business partners in dairy

A sustainable approach

Sustainability is a priority for us, and this includes being careful about where we source our ingredients.  

We guarantee to use palm oil sourced from sustainable producers through the Green Palm™ scheme.  Green Palm™ is endorsed by the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) of which Fonterra has been a member since 2010. 

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