NZMP Whey Protein Concentrate 80 wins gold

Demand for quality whey protein is growing, and our recent award for WPC 80 clearly shows we are setting the benchmark

11 May 2018

2 min

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In the recent United States Championship Cheese Contest, our WPC 80 won a gold medal.

Manufactured for use in advanced nutrition products including paediatrics, sports and medical nutrition, our WPC 80 was rated 'Best of Class' with a score of 99.90, beating a large number of competitor equivalent offerings. 

The Championship Cheese Contest cover cheese, butter and yogurt as well as products which are created in the cheese making process, which includes whey proteins.

Whey protein has fast become a highly desirable ingredient for consumers across all age groups due to growing health and wellness trends globally. It is also known for its proven ability to deliver functional nutrition benefits to the consumer.

Known for exceptional microbiological content, our WPC 80 offering, manufactured by Columbia River Technologies, topped a large contingent of prominent, global whey protein producers to prove our product is a world leader.

NZMP are fortunate to be an exclusive reseller of Columbia River Technologies WPC 80, which is sold and marketed under Fonterra's NZMP ingredients brand.

Access to supply of CRT's NZMP WPC 80 from the USA further enhances Fonterra's global supply footprint for Whey Protein Concentrate, and with multiple whey supply points across the globe, including New Zealand, Australia, Europe and now the USA, Fonterra continues to provide customers with the security of supply they desire. 

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How can I use Whey Protein Concentrate 80?

WPC 80 is a highly nutritional 80% whey protein ingredient that can be applied to a wide variety of consumer applications, from dry-mix powders, yoghurts and beverages, to nutrition bars, bakery and confectionary items.

Due to its high nutritional quality, WPC 80 is perfect for use in advanced nutrition applications spanning paediatric nutrition, sports and active lifestyle nutrition, and medical nutrition.


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