SureProtein™ Milk Protein Concentrate 4867

SureProtein™ Milk Protein Concentrate 4867 is ideal for delicious, high protein yoghurts.


  • Clean flavour
  • Rich and creamy texture

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Developed for High Protein Yoghurts

Its clean flavour makes MPC 4867 particularly well suited to yoghurts  with a protein content over 6%. 

Clean Flavour 

It produces a clean taste and rich texture. The sour flavour and bitter notes typical of high protein content is also reduced. 

High Viscosity

With a thick, creamy texture, MPC 4867 is ideal for delicously indulgent yoghurts. 

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • Excellent solubility
  • Soluble in cold water
  • Clean flavour profile
  • Source of milk calcium
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Good nutritional value
  • Moderate to high opacity in water
  •  Low viscosity

This ingredient can be used in the following applications:

Other application benefits of SureProtein MPC 4867:

  • Lower fermentation time - you can benefit from a reduced fermentation time  in your process with MPC 4867

  • Clean-label credentials - it provides naturally thick textures, so you don't need starch or stabilisers - ideal for natural, clean-label positioning

  • Enables Greek-style yoghurt - by using MPC 4867 in a standard yoghurt manufacturing process, you can create the rich taste and texture that typifies high protein Greek yoghurt

  • Excellent solubility - readily hydrates at 20°C and up to 60°C, making it ideal for processing in cold or hot conditions.  

  • Environmentally friendly - with MPC 4867, there is no need to eliminate acid whey disposal
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Milk Protein Concentrates are hygroscopic and can absorb odours. Therefore adequate protection is essential. It is recommended that product is stored at temperatures below 25°C, relative humidity below 65% and in an odour free environment. Stocks should be used in rotation preferably within 24 months of manufacture.

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