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NZMP Frozen Mozzarella Cheese is the gold standard in stretch, baking performance and flavour. It is a cheese with a mild, milky, creamy flavour and firm, rubbery body. A low fat, high moisture cheese, NZMP Frozen Mozzarella Cheese produces long stretch filaments on cooking and has been specifically designed as a premium cheese for pizza applications.

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Halal Halal Indonesia

Low fat & high moisture

Excellent melt & stretch properties

Excellent visual appearance on baking

Minimal protein breakdown

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • Mild, milky, creamy flavour
  • Excellent melt properties
  • Excellent stretch and minimal oil off on baking
  • Excellent visual appearance on baking

This ingredient can be used in the following applications:

Mozzarella Blends

You can blend mozzarella with other cheeses to create different offerings in your range such as flavour varieties, cost-effective, or reduced-fat options. 


We recommend you use 75% mozzarella in your blend to achieve ideal stretch performance.  NZMP Noble™ and NZMP Egmont™ are great blending cheeses or if you are after a flavour punch try to include some NZMP Parmesan.

How to get gold medal performance

Correct handling of NZMP Mozzarella will lead to good melt, good browning and good blister size, distribution and stretch. 

Watch our video and follow the 7 essential steps for storing, thawing and cooking to ensure you get the best performance from your mozzarella.

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Frozen product should be stored and transported at -9°C or below. Once thawed, do not refreeze. Store at 2°C or colder and use within 14 days of thawing.

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Premium Mozzarella Frozen (made in Australia), is a premium high performing natural mozzarella with excellent flavour that is easy to shred. It is made in Stanhope, Australia using quality milk from pasture raised cows. 

A functional cost effective cheese ingredient designed specifically for further processing into processed mozzarella. An unstretched, natural mozzarella curd, it is frozen shortly after manufacture to ensure it delivers consistently high levels of functional protein.  When used in a processed cheese formulation, it has a mild, natural mozzarella flavour and excellent stretch, melt and blister properties.  This makes it the ideal ingredient for a range of processed mozzarella applications.

Premium Chilled Mozzarella is a premium high performing natural mozzarella with excellent baking performance in a convenient ready to use chilled format and is easy to shred. 

Lower Salt Mozzarella is a premium high performing mozzarella with lower salt and proven baking performance. With lower salt, it is an ideal solution for those who prefer less salt. With a milky, buttery flavour and proven baking performance, it delivers an enjoyable experience every time.

Premium high performing natural mozzarella frozen at peak maturity for excellent performance and flavour every time. 

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